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What makes us all champions? What are we dealing with in our personal lives? Do we ever stop and deal with our vulnerabilities?

CHAMPIONS is a performance installation that explores the psychological states of endurance and resilience. The walls erupt into sudden action as video projections spill across the room. A full blown wrestling match fills the walls as two men throw each other between different landscapes. Violence and intimacy become ambiguous as their bodies entwine with each others. The images tell of a subconscious battle within the self. The videos switch on and off in rhythmic intervals between the silent room where the performer endures sitting with himself and the audience. Out of the silent room objects start coming to life. Voices appear out of the radio, tv and gramophone in the room. Gradually a personal story is revealed. A story of a strained relationship between a gay man, his homophobic father, a stern mother, and a lonely individual who is facing his deepest vulnerabilities.

Champions is a performance installation that deals with themes of parent-child relations, loneliness and individual resilience and features interview recordings of Andreas Constantinou father, mother and himself in conversation with his therapist.

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I am deeply moved by the personal and bold story of Champions, and I have great respect for the innovative way of putting it into the word KulturNyt