A surreal immersive experience for ONE audience member at a time.

images courtesy Himherandit

GARDEN invites the audience to become immersed in an alternate world, inhabited by characters that invite you to suspend your identity for a moment of time. It is a land where no story is ever written the same. It is one where the audience become the protagonist of their own fairy-tales. GARDEN eclipses your perceptions of reality, your idea of self, and of the other.

GARDEN breaks traditional theatre formats and offers full immersion into a universe that would be best described as Twin Peaks meets Alice in Wonderland.

GARDEN was performed for 2 sold-out runs in Denmark and nominated for a Reumert Award 2018 in category of best performance. GARDEN was listed as one of the top ten best performances in Denmark by Den 4. Væg published December 2017.

Garden was than performed in a sold out run as part of And What? Queer Arts Festival, London in 2018.

Choreographer/Directors: Andreas Constantinou, Dagmara Bilon
Soundsape: Marlou Vriens
Light Design: Jeppe Cohrt
Live sound design: Jeppe Cohrt
Tour Technician: Jeppe Cohrt
Creative Consultants: Noelia Mora Solvez, Jeppe Nilsen

London dates of GARDEN were kindly supported by Danish Arts Council, Arts Council England, And What?Fest, Mill Co. Project in Rose Lipman Building and Shoreditch Town Hall
Aarhus dates of GARDEN were kindly supported by BORA BORA,The Danish Arts Council, Aarhus Arts Council.