Symphony of a Missing Room by Lundahl & Seitl 2014

image courtesy Lundahl & Seitl

Dagmara worked with Lundahl & Seitl as a performer on Symphony of a Missing Room at the Royal Academy of Art. The work uses multisensory technology, invisible dance and whispered illusion. Audiences are led on a collective and extremely personal journey through the Royal Academy’s public and private spaces, as well as the archive of the annual RA Summer Exhibition.

Supported by Arts Council England and LIFT Festival.

Ear Cinema 2008-2011

Dagmara collaborated as a devising performer with Ear Cinema on two productions: Late Noon Sun and Little Mary.

image courtesy Ear Cinema

Ear Cinema is an immersive multi­disciplinary arts project incorporating film, sound diffusion techniques, and live performance. The project aims to activate the live context of watching and listening by transforming the traditional architectures of aural and visual reception into sites of immersive experience that are heterogeneous, performative and non-determined.

See  youtu.be/ATDD6SPKfIQ  &  youtu.be/T7lC3D3wDSU

Supported by Arts Council England

The Bones Theatre 2007-2010

image courtesy The Bones Theatre

Between 2007-2010 Dagmara worked closely with The Bones Theatre and joined their Grotowski-based physical theatre training using voice and movement. They worked together on a physical theatre performance structure for eighteen months and performed to a public audience twice. The performance was based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and directed by Magda Tuka.

Performed by Kamil Adamus and Dagmara Bilon
Directed by Magda Tuka and Krystian Godlewski

Supported by Area10 Project Space and Tara Theatre

Psychological Art Circus 2004-2012

images: Marta Angelozzi, Dom Mathews, Marko Stepanov, D. Bilon

Dagmara worked with Psychological Art Circus in the early developmental stages of its first two works and was a featured artist in the company's third, Illusions of Reference.

Punchdrunk 2003/2005

Dagmara was part of the original cast of Punchdrunk's Sleep No More and devised the role for the bald witch. Sleep No More told Shakespeare’s Macbeth through a darkly cinematic lens, offering an audience experience unlike anything else. Audiences moved freely through the epic story and created their own journeys.

Dagmara also worked with the company on the production of The Firebird Ball in 2005.

Carneskys Ghost Train 2004

Dagmara devised material for Carnesky’s Ghost Train based on womens' stories of migration which toured nationally and internationally.

Supported by Arts Council England