Eat Your Beans 2018

images: D. Bilon

Eat Your Beans is a live art performance and part of The Opera of the Endangered Species, a dedicated platform for feminist research via multidisciplinary experimentation.

Eat Your Beans brings together fragmented testimonies inspired by stories of working women and mothers from various class backgrounds and explores visual and aural composition in performance through symbolic action, text and a participatory ritual.

Audience responses:
“The multilayered symbolism is both profound and raw” ... “a very meaningful and edgy piece of work” ... “beyond acting, a complete immersive experience” ...... “performance was astonishing, extremely arresting and very emotionally and spiritually charged...”

Supported by hARTslane, The Genderhouse Festival and Chisenhale Dance Space.


image: Clive Burton

hARTslane, London 2018

An immersive performance installation in collaboration with Clive Burton.

Active buildings have physical and spiritual energies, which become interactive with their inhabitants and visitors. Pulse engages and activates these energies through rendering the building empty and employing the electrical wiring outlets as a metaphor for the nervous system.

The human/building interface and other layers of reference are facilitated and activated by the impromptu improvisation of the performance artist who explores themes of home and identity in a post-referendum Brexit era. The main task of the performer is to engage in conversations with the audience about home, family and migration while walking between the complex patterns of electrical wires and taking selfies with the audience. In between the conversations, a choreographic score based on various interpretations of being an endangered species and displacement is performed.

In this immersive experience, there is no audience only visitors who become integral in the artwork.

Collaboration: Clive Burton, Dagmara Bilon
Performed by Dagmara Bilon

Supported by hARTslane

The Womb, Oppression and the Bearded Saint

images: Andrea Falletta

various sites, Spain & UK 2012-2014

An arts-centred research project via making works in the form of painting, video, action-based performance and site-sensitive installation; inspired by an early historical phenomena of the bearded woman, a symbol of female resistance to a patriarchal order. Through embodied investigation and the creation of moving images, the interest in this research was to follow a fascination with the imagery and symbolism of Saint Wilgefortis as an expression of silent protest towards notions of female oppression.

Various performance interventions were explored, e.g. on the Balcony of Europa in Nerja, The King Arthur Pub, Glastonbury, Clarence Mews, No Format Gallery, 47/49 Tanner Street, London.

by Dagmara Bilon

Supported by Arts Council England

Song of Love

images: Stefan Werc

Area 10 Project Space | Wiltons Music Hall, London 2009/10

Song of Love came in the shape of a moving image fusing video and performance.

The corner of a warehouse turns into the sea, the waves continuously rise and fall. The performer stands on a free standing staircase and gradually walks down the steps. She puts down her suitcase, takes off her shoes, her coat, her wig and dissolves into the sea, leaving behind a trail of red objects...

Special thanks to Marta Angelozzi

Supported by Area 10 Project Space and Homo Ludens Cabaret

Red River on White Squares

images: Rachel Cherry

Area 10 Project Space / The Other, London 2008

A durational live installation featuring a composition of seven red objects and seven female performers to construct a three dimensional landscape. Suspended in seven distinct states between birth to death, crossing over the threshold between matter and spirit. In this piece time is not linear and the episodes unfold simultaneously. Each performer is working in relation to an inner impulse, an object, a repetitive movement phrase and an unique rhythm.

Performers: Alexandra Baybutt, Agnes Czerna, Eszter Goncz, Jemima Jones, Philippa Karamoegou, Christelle Lafille, Natascha Ruegg
Directed by Dagmara Bilon

Supported by Area 10 Project Space

Out of Nothing

images: D. Bilon

International Dance Festival Reykjavík, Reykjavík 2007 | Area 10 Project Space, London 2009

Out of Nothing is a durational performance installation devised in collaboration with Andreas Constantinou. The work explored the use of fragmented images based on the themes of gender, identity and sexuality. The installation was developed over the course of a weeks residency in Iceland through movement improvisations made around a window structure in a disused space. Commissioned by the International Dance Festival in Reykjavík, the material generated was subsequently moulded into a one-on-one show performed in the Area 10 bunker and portakabin, and on the top deck of the Psychological Art Circus Routemaster.

Created and performed by Dagmara Bilon and Andreas Constantinou

Supported by the International Dance Festival Reykjavík and Area 10 Project Space

A Valediction

images: Ania Bilon

East London rooftop | a derelict West London building | Romanian National Opera, Cluj Napoca 2007-2008

Devised in collaboration with Eirini Kartsaki through a process that tried to answer questions such as: how can the body create its own vocabulary and communicate unresolved anxieties and an unexpressed fight? How can movement and text coexist and interconnect? What is the role of structure in a performance of fragments? Alternating between chaotic spectacle and fragile intimacy, A Valediction was s based on fragmented narratives, juxtaposing sound, language, movement and visual image.

Created and Performed by Eirini Kartsaki and Dagmara Bilon

Supported by the Manifest Festival in Cluj Napoca

The Life and Death of Christelle Lafille

images: D. Bilon

The Place | Area 10 Project Space, London | Faki Festival, Zagreb 2006

Initially inspired by the writing of R.D. Laing's The Divided Self, The Life and Death of Christelle Lafille is a group piece created for stage. The piece depicts the story of various individuals in conflict between the demands of conformity and instinctive drives. TV monitors showing the faces of the performers command their bodies to perform tasks. One woman is sitting still on a chair until her body releases a stream of held tension and performers disintegrating into many different selves, featuring a dance of fragmented body parts.

Performers: Sam Booth, Stella Anna Glockner, Penny, Eirini Kartsaki, Christelle Lafille
Sound: TV monitors and Tom Waits
Directed by Dagmara Bilon

Supported by Area 10 Project Space, Roehampton University, and The Place

About7 - Movement Laboratory

images: Ania Bilon

Area 10 Project Space | Westcombe Park Gallery, London 2004

no beginning no middle no end
enter exit anytime anywhere

Three-hour site-specific performance installation. Ten performers embark on a 100m journey towards an enormous cone sculpture. At first performers begin their journeys alone and separated from each other. Gradually each performer starts to build relationships with other performers, audience and space. Individual impulses manifests into a content and shape embodied by the performer. Each performer one by one enters the cone sculpture in its present state and a collection of bodies transform into disfigured shadows. The performers reappear again and this time merge into each other, becoming one body, one breath and disappear under a projection of light.

This piece is devised as part of a performance laboratory that took place during a residency at Area 10 Project Space in collaboration with a group of ten performers. The lab focusses on the exploration of the body as a moving organism and a vehicle for movement expression surfacing from the attention to stillness. The conscious mind served as an observer to a moving life force and to involuntary movement functions. Movements became amplified extensions of that which is experienced in the present time, listening and responding to internal and external impulses of self, space and others.

Performers: Agnes Czerna, Melissa Dornelles, Andrew Downes, Dani d’Emilia, Andrea Meneses Guerrero, Christelle Lafille, Robert McNeill, Edgar Oliveira, Maia Sambonet, Juli Talerico
Cone: Joel Gray, Kevin Leahy, Matt Pike
Sound: Pelado
Projections: Robert McNeill, Shinjoru
Directed and coordinated by Dagmara Bilon and Marta Angelozzi

All Hallows Eve 2004

image: Edgar de Oliviera

Echo Space, London

An immersive performance experience

Gather besides an ancient burial ground. A journey to an abandoned theatre. A great feast amongst ancient and forgotten souls.

Artists & performers involved: Marta Angelozzi, Edgar de Oliveira, Anastasia Tsonou, Simona De Gregorio, Linda Dobell, Curt Henning, Andreas Constantinou, Christelle Lafille, Lina Jungergård, Andrea Meneses Guerrero, Eirini Kartsaki
Directed and coordinated by Robert McNeill and Dagmara Bilon